Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Orchids again: Cyrtosia javanica (Blume 1825)

This post is a request from my husband.

He (and his team of Universiti Malaysia Sabah students) recently found a new orchid species for Tawau Hills Park in Sabah, previously found elsewhere, but a first for Tawau Hills. Any orchid specialists wanting to know more, or wanting to use the photos, can contact me, and I will send the request on to him.

p.s. in a moment of aberration, I called this a ginger when I first posted (mea culpa!) ...I'm a bird person, ok?


Patty said...

I should tell you again how much I like your nature photos. I, too, am a nature person (plants, birds, anything really).

I think I could forgive you for calling this a ginger. It kinda does look like one (minus the leaves of course).

hrugaar said...

Is that previously found elsewhere in Sabah, or has it migrated from further afield? (If you can say migrate of a plant species - I don't know la.)

Glenda Larke said...

In Sabah, Hrugaar.