Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I continue to be over the moon about the reaction to Song of the Shiver Barrens. All my agonising and re-writing evidently paid off, and in the end I must have managed to produce a good book.

I think my favourite comment has to be this one from Fi the Webgoddess:

...she has a wondrous way of zigging when other authors might zag which makes for really refreshing reading. I inhaled this book -- couldn't put it down. I wish there were more...

But then there was Barb, who said:
How did you manage to reduce me to tears not once, not twice but THREE times from page 328 onwards...?

And Tsana who wrote: so many moments where I thought "No! That can't happen!" How do you do it, Glenda? It was heart-wrenchingly brilliant.

So now that I am content with one launch, what do I do? Start worrying about the next one, of course! Heart of the Mirage in the UK ... two weeks ... bite nails ... will anyone buy it? ... they've put the cover up on Amazon ... I've sent off book plates to South Africa ... will anyone over there buy it? ... aaargh ....and if they buy it, will they like it?

I hate waiting.

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hrugaar said...

The amazon.co.uk sales ranking for Heart of the Mirage has gone up again since this morning, so people must be pre-ordering it already. :)