Wednesday, June 13, 2007

What does one do on a cold winter's day in Melbourne?

One goes and has an insanely decadent hot chocolate at Max Brenner's....

Gillian, Donna, Paul and Trudi introduce me to the sins of Melbourne.

I shall never be the same again.


hrugaar said...

If one is to be permitted one vice in Melbourne, I suppose it might as well be hot chocolate. ;oP

Gillian said...

Decadent? Chocolate? It's the staff of life :).

Jossie said...

hi glenda,

just wanted to say hi!! i dont knwo if you recall... you met me in the toilets just before your 'pervert the paradigm' panel - i was the asian girl! =) it was a pleasure to meet you!!

i am sorry i couldn't speak to you further.

Glenda Larke said...

Hi Jossie - I remember. Pity we didn't pick a better time and place to chat!!

Still, doubtless we will catch up again if you have caught the con bug. I certainly have.