Friday, June 08, 2007

Travelling to Melbourne at a Glance.

  • Eight hour overnight flights are the pits. And they will keep on waking you up for food and other unnecessary stuff.
  • Rydges, Exhibition St: what a great location for a con – right in the heart of Melbourne, just five minutes on foot from whatever you could possibly want.
  • Downtown Melbourne: What’s with all these women in black (mixed with white or shades of grey)? This is like Manhattan: black is de rigeur for locals. Wear colour, and you are instantly branded as a tourist.
Back a century and more ago, my great-gandmother told my great-grandfather to take their savings and buy some land in Collins St, which was opened for sale. Not sure of the year, but certainly somewhere between 1850 and 1900. He rode off to the big city, and returned without the deeds.
“Why?” she asked, exasperated. She was a canny Irish immigrant who could neither read nor write.
“Too expensive,” he replied, even though he had enough to cover the purchase.
And thus, dammit, went our family’s chance to be millionaires…

Wonder what he would say to the price of property in Collins St now?


hrugaar said...

I have this mental image of glenda sleeping in an aircraft seat with a sign around her neck that says: Please do not feed (or Warning! This animal bites!)

Black, grey, and dull drab colours seem to have been de rigeur among our female office workers for some time here too. Last year there were far too many women squeezed into black trousersuits (one of the most unforgiving outfits for the human body).

Anonymous said...

If you have time don't forget to pop into the National Gallery of Victoria: free entry


Anonymous said...

Somehow the web address didn't fit
You can google: John Brack, Collins St 5pm (a painting)


Madcap Machinist said...

Dear Glenda

I wasn't able to reply your email for some reason. Still hoping to meet you sometime (after Melbourne?) Have been making changes since my last email, so will write you soon


Glenda Larke said...

Back on Tuesday, Reza...

What time, Smathi?? I didn't even bring my bins with me...alas.

hrugaar said...


Glenda Larke said...

Binoculars, you non-birding barbarian!

hrugaar said...

You need binoculars for the National Gallery of Victoria?

Bins is what we put rubbish in, glenda. :oD

smathi said...

Ha, ha! Very funny hrugaar :)
Glad you're enjoying yourself so much Glenda. You should stay longer.