Monday, March 19, 2007

More on fantasy and mainstream critics

Two great links sent me by a friend pertaining to the previous thread on fantasy readers and mainstream critics...

The Guardian

and The Financial Times

And the photo is from the Tawau Hills Expedition - me and a tree. I like pix that make me appear petite.

(Expedition was a joint project between Universiti Malaysia Sabah and the Sabah Parks, who kindly allowed me along.)


Patty said...


But Glenda, I think you worry too much.

If you'd want to buy a part to fix a very old toiled cistern (as I've had to do recently) would you go to Big W for advice?

If I'm out of ideas of what to read in SFF, I take my advice from genre critics/review sites, such as ASif, my crit group and others.

And sometimes I think that some critics in mainstream newspapers just write scathing reviews for the sensation value (on behalf of newspaper readers who are not into SFF and would never have bought the book anyway).

There are horses for courses...

KarenEMiller said...

And so much litwank about.

I went right off PD James when I saw her in a documentary being unbearably condescending and patronising about Agatha Christie.

It's universal and inescapable and really ... so boring.

And Dick Francis did a lovely riff on the whole divide in Longshot.

Patty said...

condescending and patronising - that's it. And it turns readers off, too. As if these dudes own the right to pass judgement on (read: grind into the mud) all things published not to their taste - with emphasis on the last two words. Helloooo? Give us a hoy you great masses who actually reads 'literary' fiction.


point made.

P.S. excuse typo in previous post.

hrugaar said...

Karen, don't you mean Dick Francis' wife, heh? (From what I understand, he provides the name, she does most of the writing - but hey, it's a winning combination.)

Glenda Larke said...

Really, Hrugaar? Hey, that's what I want! A spouse that will do all the writing for me...