Thursday, November 30, 2006

Why I like mangroves

Mangroves are full of mud and mosquitoes and other mucky stuff, right?

Wrong. Mangroves are beautiful. Here are mangrove photos from Kulamba River, off the Kinabatangan, Sabah.
Recent warning say that the world's fish stocks will be depleted in 40 years.

One contributing reason is that so many species have part of their life cycle in the mangroves.
Yet various state governments in this part of the world ignore the federal government's rulings and persist in cutting down the mangroves to "develop" the state.

Sadly, they make money and our grandchildren will be faced by a world without fish. And beautiful places like this could all have vanished.

Why do so few people care?

I have no idea.

I spent 6 months working on a mangrove project in Peninsular Malaysia, and what I saw - the wanton destruction of our coastline for selfish reasons that ignored the future- broke my heart.


hrugaar said...

Good photos! You must have a steadier hand than mine...

Alas, the selfish wanton destruction goes on everywhere - even here on our greed-ridden little island. :o\

Satima Flavell said...

There are no words to describe that sort of mentality, but sadly enough it seems to be the norm rather than the exception among pollies at all levels.