Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Malaysian life in short

Well, Donna has gone back to Canberra.
In the short time she has been here, I have introduced her to, in no particular order:

Glenda's Malaysian driving skills (- or is it lack of them?)
Fireflies on a river in the middle of the night
The joys of shopping in KL (and yes, she came close to rivaling Jenny Fallon's shopping skills in KL)
Glenda's liking for Bombay Sapphire except when it is accidently mixed with soda
The Malaysian squat
Malaysian Indian food
Malaysian Chinese food
Malaysian Malay food
Malaysian food
Malaysian mangoes
Neighbours washing the dishes outside your window at 4 a.m. during Ramadan
Being blasted out of bed by recitations from Mosque loudspeakers at 5 a.m., just after you went back to sleep after the dish washing
Trishaw rides
Tropical rainforest
Sweating in the tropics
Did I mention Malaysian culinary expertise?
And, oh yes, wild mushroom soup, Malaysian style.


KarenEMiller said...

And you both had a wonderful time, yes?

Good, good, good!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed it Glenda, mosque and all. It was all so different and you were there (and the Sapphire Blue).

I'm back home now and busy as a bee until I head off to Varuna for two weeks.

However I do wish the dishwashing was done on the other side of the house. Say Hi to Ramly for me. I hope he sees you aren't too worse for wear.

Glenda Larke said...

Yep...we had a wonderful time!