Friday, September 15, 2006

The last bit of Borneo...

On hearing that I was sweating in a Kota Kinabalu power failure feeling miserable while he lived it up in the hotel, that man of mine hooked me up with someone joining the seminar late, and I got a lift from KK, a day late, to join him.

So this is me, waving to you from the northernmost tip of Borneo, where all these photos were taken.

My husband is a little deaf, has a bit of a paunch and is thinning on top - and I wouldn't swap him for any of those cute film stars.
Anyway, he still looks pretty good in silhouette with the light behind him...

And while he was at the seminar, I managed to get half way through my first line edit of Song of the Shiver Barrens.


Lisa said...

Beautiful photos! Especially the last two.

So, when can we expect the "Pictorial Review of Malaysia" by Glenda Larke??

Glad you caught a break, at last. ;)

Cheers, Lisa.

KarenEMiller said...


hrugaar said...

Beautiful place. You have such a thoughtful husband (even if washing machines confound him la). Great that you've been catching up on the line edit.

What's happening about the suspected jellyfish/shingles though? :o\