Friday, September 22, 2006

Back in KL

Kota Kinabalu: breezy, pleasant, blue skies, blue sea, 20 mins to airport, small clean apartment.

Kuala Lumpur: Hot, muggy, hazy, no sea, no breeze, huge dusty and cobwebby house with huge number of house geckoes and corresponding amount of house gecko shit, 45 mins from airport.

Yep, I am back in the Klang Valley (I say it's Kuala Lumpur, but to be technically correct, it's actually in Selangor). And right now I am wondering why I left KK.... Here the house is a mess because in my absence, husband's KL office has been cleared out and all the things brought here. There are files everywhere. I can hardly get to the washing machine in the laundry, I tripped over a computer on my study floor, there are shelves lining the passage stuffed with documents, and I had no idea he had so many paintings and ornaments and family photos - where the heck and I am going to put them all?

Now I know why houses ought to have attics.


Tip of Borneo

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