Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Review out of the past

The Aware in good company. Pix by Russell Kirkpatrick

Thanks to the original reviewer, I just found out about a review of The Aware from back in June 2003.

Another nice one.
I am still waiting for the inevitable day when I receive a rotten review - that's pessimist me, waiting for the second shoe to drop! Still, with 5 books on 3 continents in 3 languages, and still no sarcastic review rubbishing anything (not even on Amazon!), I am beginning to think that maybe I write an ok story. Guess I am a typical insecure author.

The review was in Broadsword, a wargaming/military history magazine. The reviewer, Donald Lamont, loved the plot and the action (says he wanted to grab a sword and jump right into the action himself!) and the characters; refers to Blaze Halfbreed cutting "a swathe across a very detailed and unique world" and ends by saying that that he "very much recommends it for anyone who reads fantasy," because my writing style gave him the feeling of one of "those really good RPG sessions that you always talk about. Do yourself a favour and read this book." Wow. Thanks Donald. The whole review is in Broadsword June 2003. I must admit I know nothing about roleplaying myself, never having done it. It was particularly satisfying to have the fights praised in such a magazine!

Over on Emerald City, there's an announcement about Trudi Canavan's new deal with Orbit for her new work, to be set in the Black Magician trilogy world. Congrats, to see Aussies go on to new successes. I love the bit about being the first fantasy author to take off like that in years!


NoraDevius said...

That was a really good review! I don’t see why you wait for the rotten review, after this one would it really matter? Can’t please everyone, but form what I see you do please the majority. ;)

Glenda Larke said...

I hope I do, noradevius...but who really knows that? I wish I had more feedback. I eithr love it, or learn from it.