Friday, May 26, 2006

Coming: writing tips once a week

I have decided to organise my blog better in future.

I am going to start with a regular weekly post that gives writing tips (not to be confused with tips on getting published, or writing a novel in general, which I do talk about sometimes anyway).

This will deal with problems at sentence or paragraph level. Grammar, style, that sort of thing. Yeah, I used to be an Engish teacher, for my sins. Some of it will be basic, some of it more drop by on Sundays if you are interested.


From Donna Hanson over at the Australian speculative fiction site:

On the writing: "Larke’s writing too is so vivid and solid that at times it leaves me breathless or just plain green with envy."
On the main character: "As a character, Ligea is fearless, bloodthirsty, vicious, sexy and determined..."
This character’s conflict and transformation was entirely convincing and satisfying to read."

On the world: "Heart of the Mirage has aspects of Havenstar’s inventiveness, with an interactive landscape that is highly imaginative and entertaining."

Oh wow. I think she liked it!


Anonymous said...

As well she might ... *g*


Anonymous said...

Yes - I can totally relate to the breathless and green with envy comment (and all the others come to think of it).
"When's the next one coming out?" I whine, plaintively.
Kylie Seluka

Glenda Larke said...

The next one has a publishing date of January. Sometimes that means it hits the stores before Xmas - but whether the book sellers have time to open the box of books is another story altogether!

And thanks for the encouragement. Never doubt that a writer needs all the encouragement they can get, even after publication...we are a greedy lot.

eyeris said...

aha. I'm only halfway through the book.... haven't had much time to read anything heavier than children's books, I'm afraid... haha. but will review it as soon as I finish it. :D

Glenda Larke said...

Thanks eyeris! At least I think so...*grin*

Anonymous said...

Well in that case - I really enjoyed your 'Isles of Glory' series - all three books. And I think 'Heart of Mirage' is even better. The interesting thing for me is apart from the enjoyment - I also feel I have learnt a lot about writing - characterisation, setting, plotting etc by reading your books - good things of course!
Kylie Seluka

Glenda Larke said...